Compounding Processes

//Compounding Processes
Compounding Processes

Alloy Polymers™ has a variety of compounding processes to produce thermoplastic compounds specific to most any resin:

  • Compounding
  • Reactive processing
  • Pre- and post-drying and blending
  • High-pressure liquid addition
  • Vacuum and atmospheric venting
  • Multiple compounding processes
  • Devolatization
  • Down stream & multiple barrel feeding
  • Strand & underwater pelletization
  • Crystallization
  • Melt filtration

While our Richmond, VA facility, along with our Orange, TX facility offer solely twin screw compounding technology, our Gahanna, OH and Crockett, TX facilities provide a combination of batch and continuous compounding mixer lines. Each facility is capable of shipping and receiving by both truck and rail, and is located near major highways and rail systems.